Keys Principles to True Happiness – 1

Love and Compassion

Compassion toward self and others is an important ingredient for happiness. Being attentive to the needs and feelings of others, trying to put yourself in their shoes, and acting accordingly has been found to increase personal happiness and well-being. This is often surprising since our efforts to be happy often are driven by selfish motives and yet when we are more selfless we tend to be happier.

Spread love and happiness everywhere you go. Love fully and hold nothing back, express your love fully into the world. Showing appreciation for people and things, being grateful, being kind, expressing your desires are all part of loving fully. Through love you will spread a powerful energy, by spreading happiness to other people and loving fully happiness will bounce back to you in double doses.


The more you Give, the more you will Have!


Lao Tzu - Kindness

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