Turning Positive Thinking into Success

Power of Positive Thinking

  1. You attract what you Fear, Feel and Think
  2. We are all born Superstars, you just need to pull it out from within yourself
  3. Visualize clearly, Precisely and Frequently and it will manifest itself into reality
  4. Decide what you will be, who you will be & how you are going to do it
  5. If you can see it in your mind, you can Hold it in your hand
  6. As you think and Act, so shall you become
  7. Your thinking creates your reality. Do not allow your thoughts to be on anything you do not want
  8. Change your perception of things that appear negative and turn them into Positive. You not only change yourself but the people around you.
  9. Look at the beauty in this world
  10. Open to Life, Enthusiastic & Passionate, you will see opportunity amidst of a setback.

I will


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