Success Manifestation

Using the wisdom from the Diamond Cutter (taught by Gesha Michael) helps to improve and manifest Success in your life by Planting Good Seeds.

By planting seeds, you are making an imprint in the subconscious mind, which will becomes seed. The seed will later open and have an impact on how you see the world.

Seed planting systems is “whatever you want from life, you must do for someone else first”.

When you help someone, it imprints a seed in the mind and when the time is right that seed will open and create something beautiful for you.

It is a direct reflection of your thought, action and speech which can manifest itself in an amazing way. If you take care of the 3 most important things, you will awaken to your full potential and the rest will be taken care of by the universe.

The universal will definitely reward you: “What you give is what you will get!”


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