Awaken the Buddha (Potential) Within

When you chant the mantra we are connecting to everything around us on a symbolic, physically and distinctly pure level and acknowledging our place within the universe.

By Chanting we summon the greatest treasure and most enlightened state of life within us. Our inner life conditions. We will experience the energy and wisdom to find a deep abiding peace and happiness within.

Each of us possesses the potential for a winning life. By tapping into our potential, we can find unlimited wisdom, courage, hope, confidence, compassion, vitality and endurance. Instead of avoiding or fearing our problems, we learn to confront them with joyful vigor, confident in our ability to surmount whatever life throws in our path.

When we help others overcome their problems, our lives are expanded. When our capacity increases and character is strengthened. It unleashes our inherent power to take on life’s challenges and win.

We can establish Buddhahood as our basic condition of life and face our circumstances filled with wisdom and compassion. By awakening the Buddha nature inside each of us, we can build a lasting world peace.


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