Create your Own Destiny

Ignorance is the unawareness that we repeat the cycle and the past conditioning over and over again, thinking that we cannot alter our destiny.

If you master your mind, 60% of your destiny is in your control. You can mold your situation you want it and mold by situation. People who exist in reaction to the situation often blamed on bad luck and destiny when things don’t turn out the way it is.

Everything you know of yourself today is just the accumulation of impression and physical body. You are only conscious of a small part of your accumulation. You are not even 100% conscious of what you accumulated. You are trying to live your life through your accumulation and not who you really are.

To “break through” the cycle of “karma” and change your “destiny,” you need to have the awareness and courage to dive deep into your mind and find the strength to face events in the past you did not want to face.

Because “karma”, the wheel of cycle, is just “unawareness” that you are repeating the same pattern over and over again, even though the factors at play may not be the same.

And your destiny is not fixed 

We have the Power to change our course, when we become aware of our past conditioning from childhood, and patterns passed down from our ancestors and past lives, and are willing to resolve the emotions we did not want to feel in the past.


Feeling our repressed emotions and integrating our emotional wounds is key to rewriting our future.

By feeling such emotions, be they negative or positive, instead of repressing them, we are releasing the “trauma” and integrating our wounds, completing our past. This way, we can assign a different meaning to the past and move forward authentically.

When we truly realise that the past is empty, every moment is a possibility. In this possibility, we realise that every moment is a possibility for us to begin anew.

When we accept that we are “imperfect” and that we make “mistakes” too, and that the world is just a mirror hologram of our beliefs, we will learn to take responsibility for our actions, and the part we played in the past.

Then, we can rewrite our future based on a different meaning we assign to our past.

Acceptance, forgiveness, and presence come hand in hand.

And the way to be present is to resolve the emotional wounds in the past that are projected into the present moment.

This way, your present and future is a blank sheet of paper — and you can rewrite it based on your new beliefs.

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