How to Banish Disease and Abolish Poverty

The Hindu Yogi is a seer or sage who, by deep and long meditation, prayer, study of man and the universe, at last reaches illumination or wisdom, whereby he thoroughly understands the many perplexing problems of life and can solve them.

This planet has now reached that stage of evolution where its highest order of inhabitants are beginning to awake to a realization of their wonderful greatness. The ignorance and darkness of the past ages is being dissipated by the Light of Truth —modern thought.


Countless angels, or spirits, are ever ready to help the real man—the brave, bold, true and courageous man—and do help him, in a way that it would be hard to explain in a book of this scope and to the ordinary mind. All humanity is being helped all the time by these Great Souls, who do not live in a gross body like ours. To get their best help one must be kind, gentle, calm and free from anger or hatred. That is the reason you will always see that all great men and women have full and complete control of themselves and are invariably mild, kind and gentle people. You have no idea how much good you lose when you lose control of your temper or passion.



In this wonderful and progressive age men and women are discovering that the study of occult science and metaphysics is of great advantage to them. The occult or secret powers and forces can only come to us by and through certain studies of this nature. The reading of books on astrology, mental science, mind reading, telepathy, etc., opens the mind to new and fresh thought which is very helpful and inspiring.


Prayers when uttered in the right spirit, and which are not made with mean or selfish motives, are always answered. If at any time you are in great distress of mind, are burdened with troubles which seem too great to overcome, if you will go off to some quiet place and open your heart and mind to God, asking for light, direction or relief, He will answer your prayer surely. Or maybe some of the Devas (angels) will hear your appeal and come and soothe you and give you gentle thoughts which will help you. The prayer of the Yogi is always for Light, Direction and Love, and is answered.


We must first think wealth, and then use the mind to discover the true foundation of wealth. The mind in its search for the cause of wealth will soon discover that well-directed energy—work, is back of all wealth. But along with this energy we must have faith, hope and courage. This is a busy world, and we are living in a wonderful age of big undertakings and great progress. At every hand is to be seen advancement, improvement, progress, growth and expansion. We are continually going forward, onward and upward. Nothing stands still! There is no backward movement! The world is better and busier to-day than it was yesterday, and will be better and busier to-morrow than it is to-day. It is the calm, honest, thorough, thoughtful and busy workers who make this condition of growth and progress; not the worrying, hurrying, fretful, gloomy, morbid, pessimistic minds who persist in looking at things through the wrong end of the telescope. No one will be successful or feel the glorious good times which are here to stay, unless he is hopeful and cheerful, and willing to play the part God has assigned to him.


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