Language to Infinite Abundance


Prayers when uttered without judgement and ego, and which are not made with mean or selfish motives, are always answered. If at any time you are in great distress of mind, are burdened with troubles which seem too great to overcome, if you will go off to some quiet place and open your heart and mind, asking for light, direction or relief, the prayer will be answered. The prayer of the Yogi is always for Light, Direction and Love.

Something that we do in our lives triggers a process in our bodies that interacts with the forces of creation that change our physical world.

Prayers cannot be seen, we do prayers to create the feeling in our body. The feeling is the prayer, the words is not the prayer. Beyond Judgement and Ego, the place where the feeling occur that create the healing and miracle.

Monastery in Tibet Teaches:
• Feeling is the Prayer
• Feel as if the prayer has been answered

The Language of Abundance

To Unleash the Force in the Universe within us, we must:

  1. Understand how it works – Universe is Holographic and We are holographic. If you make a change in one place, the change will happen everywhere. When we choose love, compassion, gratitude, with the language in the heart, the Change Must Happen!
  2. Speak the language it recongnise – Thought + Emotion = Feeling which the Universe recognize

See the source image

There is power within you that nothing on this earth is stronger than. There is a power within you that allows you to transcend the law of physics and biology. Every human is the power to create in this Universe in ways we can imagine. The power to do so lives in every one of us.

3 Easy Ways to Remove the Abundance Block from your Subconscious Mind:

  1. Hypnosis – Easy follow along way to frees your Mind and body from Money blocks . Recreate your Theta state of receptivity and use it to re-program our mind in a more conscious way.
  2. Ho’oponopono– “Zero Limit” is an ancient technique to clear away negativity and limiting Beliefs from your mind and get into ‘Flow’
  3. Energy Psychology – Energy psychology is a form of belief change that provokes ‘Super learning’ and download something into the subconscious rapidly.

Discover the Mystery of Creation by discovering the greatness within you.


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