Meditations – Spiritual Awakening

For hundred of years, Buddhist monks and yogis have used meditation to achieve a transcendental experience on the path to Spiritual Awakening.

Research has shown that meditation has several mental and physical benefits which helps to treat disorders like depression, anxiety, addictions, and chronic pain.
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Meditation every morning helps us to stay present and mindful. It is having a deep and powerful connection with your higher self. Daily utterance of the sound AUM for a few minutes a day as explained by Sadhguru has innumerable benefits. Within a few weeks you can notice a phenomenal difference in the way you function because this is the basic sound in your physical existence.

When the higher mind is driving the subconscious, many people experience a spiritual awakening. A more pronounced spirituality will mean a mindset that chooses to remain calm, focused and driven toward positive aspects of life. It also means having the determination to overcome with the help of a higher power. This higher power is both similar and influential to the subconscious mind.

Meditation can transform your life in every area you can imagine.

When you are Spiritual Awaken:
  • Life opens up in some many different ways
  • Feel connected with others and nature
  • You crave for meaning and purpose in life
  • you feel deeper empathy and compassion towards other being
  • Gaining the ability to love without expectation

Discover how Meditation can Transform your life in every way.


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