Ways Universe Hears you

If you feel as if the Universe is not responding to what you are communicating. Here are some ways that the Universe can hear you:

1. Be Clear

Send a clear intention to the universe on what you want, makes it easier for universe to help you achieve what you want.

2. Energy Alignment

In order to be align with the Universe you first have to align within yourself. Meditation every morning helps us to stay present and mindful. It is having a deep and powerful connection with your higher self. Practice Meditation and yoga to helps you clear off negative energy and to align your chakras.

Activation of the Chakras alignment can unleash a flow of good fortune, radiance health and infinite opportunity in your life.

When our mind has become aligned with the positive things, our abilities to succeed are following close behind. This is all from the power of our subconscious and the direction of our thinking. This success will then bring even more success and financial freedom.


3. Raise your Vibration

Remember whatever Energy that you send out to the Universe will be a factor on how it comes back to you. The energy that you vibrate can equally restrict or unleash a flow of good fortune to your life and infinite opportunity to your life.

Supercharge your Energy to it’s highest vibration level , by forcing the Universe to give you everything you ever wished for! Remember, Abundance is a high vibration,

4. Power of Belief

You are powerful creators that are changing the world and universe as you live your lives. Consciousness is creating your physical universe. Faith is created by accessing and harnessing the power of our subconscious minds.

Your power of belief is the infinite power, you can achieve the greatest potential if you believe in your heart that it is true.

5. Gratitude.

Every human heart is the power to create in this Universe in ways you can imagine. If your heart experiences compassion, joy, love and gratitude. It is sending a positive conversation to the Universe and it is certain that your wishes will be heard!

When you lessen your complaints to the universe, the more space it has to produce your wishes. What you channel will ultimately be the life you live.


You are playing a big role in creating everything that you have experienced. By being aware of this power, you be on a journey to Uncovering the Hidden Wealth that already exist within you.

Highly recommend the following program to be in Harmony with the Universe

  1. Chakra Activation
  2. Meditation – Spiritual Awakening
  3. FREE Money Vibration Quiz
  4. Destiny Tuning – Force the Universe to Give Everything you wished for!
  5. Secret to Unleashing Abundance in your Life

We hope you found this article useful and informative as always.

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