Plant Seeds of Abundance

Steps to Plant Seeds of Abundance to make sure it ripen quickly and powerfully – Geshe Michael

  • Decide what you want
  • Help someone who wants similar things
  • Do something to help them on a regular basis
  • At night before you sleep, think of the good things you have done to help the other people get the thing they want.

Karma, in this example of giving money to someone, means your mental tape recorder (mind / awareness) saw yourself give the money. This touches your mind and makes an imprint. Karma is the impression on your mind created by the awareness of yourself being generous. You must help another person.

The most important step in planting a powerful and quick-ripening karmic seed is the last step. The supporting conditions to make the good karmic seeds you have already planted is the following secret practice. Every night when you go to bed and lay your head down on the pillow, think to yourself about all the sweet things you did for other people and just be happy you did those good things. You can also rejoice and be happy about good things you saw someone else do. Once planted, a karmic seed cannot be destroyed and must ripen, but it may take a very long time. So this is the method to water it – providing the perfect conditions for it to ripen fast.

The old way of making money and getting the things you want has cracks in it. (1) Some people work hard and make money. (2) Some people work hard and don’t make money. (3) Some people don’t work at all and get money. (4) Some people don’t work at all and stay poor. There’s a crack there, didn’t you ever wonder about it!?

If you plant good karmic seeds and you do that special meditation before you sleep, this will bring all the perfect conditions to the karmic seeds and they will open. If you don’t do this, the karmic seeds will open randomly and without control. You can control the priority of which seeds open first and fast if you do this practice of thinking about the sweet things you’ve done to help other people before you go to sleep.

The whole reality is flowing from you and comes from being kind and helping other people.

4 rules that governs how the imprint in the mind manifest in real life.

  1. The General Content being feed to the mind – This means that a negative action will lead only to negative results and a positive action can lead to a positive result.
  2. The Strength of the Imprint – That is the strength of the imprint will expand during its time in the subconscious mind until it blossoms and force us to undergo some experience.
  3. No experience of the imprint – Every experience we undergo is triggered by a previous imprint. Once an imprint is planted it will lead to every experience that ever happens.
  4. Imprint planted lead to experience – Again, once imprint is planted it must lead to experience. No imprints are wasted, they always have an effect which cause us to perceive something

There are 3 different ways to plant an imprint that is through Action, Words and Thoughts.

A person who understand how imprints works and the process can go about creating, consciously a perfect life.


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