Art to Achieve Abundance

If you understand the Art of Abundance, it changes the Rules of Creating a life of possibilities.

10 Principles for a Prosperous Life – Dennis Merritt Jones:

1.Be One with Life – Connect your oneness with the Universe, the original and only Source of all Abundance

2.  Be Aware you Live in an Expanding Universe – Your Awareness of this truth is your point access to the principle of abundance. The Universe loves multiplicity, it is infinitely and impartially expanding upon what your mind gives its attention to.

3. Be Accountable for your Consciousness – It is the energy, motion and moto vement of consciousness that creates all the Universe. Understand the important role your belief system which will determine if you are creating a prosperous life.

4. Be Focused – Direct your Creative Energy by mastering the Power of Intention.                              ( Intention + Attention ) x Belief = Manifestation

5. Be in the Flow – Unlock the mystery in the Law of Circulation. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have, you are also require to wisely use the gifts which flows to you.

6. Be Passionate – Abundance Follows the path of Least Resistance                                                        ( Reason + Passion ) x Commitment = Success

7. Be Blessed – Practice the Power of Positive Perspective by Counting your Blessing, not your problems. Remember that what you focus on expands (point 2)

8. Be of Service – Enter the Flow of Abundance by Servicing Others in a manner that enriches and makes their lives better. Your intention in serving will determine how the energy will return to you.

9. Be courageous – Principle of Abundance awaits those who are willing to come to the edge of their own perceived boundaries and courageously venture beyond them.

10. Be a Catalyst for Good – Change the world for the better, begin by changing yourself for the better.

3 Easy Ways to Remove the Abundance Block from your Subconscious Mind:

  1. Hypnosis – Easy follow along way to frees your Mind and body from Money blocks . Recreate your Theta state of receptivity and use it to re-program our mind in a more conscious way.
  2. Ho’oponopono– “Zero Limit” is an ancient technique to clear away negativity and limiting Beliefs from your mind and get into ‘Flow’
  3. Energy Psychology – Energy psychology is a form of belief change that provokes ‘Super learning’ and download something into the subconscious rapidly.

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