Grammarly Review – Free Trial

Want to make sure your writing is error-free, easy to read and effective?

Grammarly Review in a Nutshell

  • What is it: Grammarly is an online grammar checker and proofreading tool that make sure your blog, email, documents posts are clear and mistake-free
  • Who’s for: For anyone who regularly blogs and composes emails.
  • Benefits: Easy to use and suitable from bloggers to the student.
  • Price: Two options: a free version (which is pretty good) and a premium version for $29.95 per month (or $139.95 per year if you pay annually).
  • Verdict: Grammarly is worth getting for some writers.

But is Grammarly worth paying for? Let’s find out.

Please note, this Grammarly 2019 review contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you sign up.

After using a variety of online grammar checkers services for 2 weeks, I think Grammarly is the best one available. In comparison, Grammarly is not as slow and provides real-time suggestions on how to correct these mistakes. Grammarly can also detect and correct over 450 types of grammatical errors.

There is plenty of perks to go along with this which includes:

  1. Grade your vocabulary and content
  2. Punctuation errors.
  3. Spell check and word choice

The free plan is amazing, but the premium plan is way too good. It checks for plenty of advanced checks. These include:

  1. Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  2. Rating the Readability of your content
  3. Plagiarism checker for your content (Important for students and bloggers)

If you are a blogger on a budget, install the free Grammarly Chrome Plugin and test it for yourself. You may fall in love with it!

Grammarly works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge one of the factors that make Grammarly the best choice is how easy it is to use on different web apps and even in Microsoft Word. 


I will suggest that you try this free trial (Click on the Add to Chrome) as a blogging tool! It is an excellent tool for writers. You need to proof-read your work before publishing as poor writing skills leave a bad impression on the readers.

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