The Missing Keys – Law of Attraction

People’s consciousness is as deep as the ocean! Yes, you have an ocean of thoughts, feelings, impressions, memories, and beliefs inside of you!

There are no limits to the human mind. We all know that we only use a
small portion of the human brain. Educational experts have found that
there is no known limit to how much information and knowledge the
human mind can absorb
. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (brain MRIs)
are revealing more and more of the brain’s secrets and capacities, and
new revelations are coming every day!

Our inner self needs to be programmed regularly, especially if we are
fighting a few decades of accumulated negativity. Rome wasn’t built in a
day! The transformation of your mind won’t happen in a day or two either,
or with a couple of beginner’s sessions.


Habit Generates Momentum

Use affirmations and visualization every single day. Yes! habit builds up a cumulative momentum that will help carry your life along in a far more positive direction. Habit tames your thoughts and puts them in order.

Your thoughts, like everything else in the universe, are made up of energy
and they will attract what you deeply and truly focus on. This is the premise of the Law of Attraction.

Ride the wave of momentum! Make the good practices you already know
a daily habit.

Set aside ten minutes daily and do your affirmations, meditation, positive thinking, studying, or other spiritual practices you use to condition your mind so as to send out wonderful thoughts of plenty, abundance, and fulfillment to the universe.

Ten minutes a day can change your life.

4 Missing Keys to LOA:

  1. Understand the Vibration Inside of you and use it to your advantage
  2. Emotion inside your Subconscious Mind – Positive Emotions attract positive results
  3. Embrace the Power of Now – Be Grateful and Count your Blessing
  4. Fake it till you Make It – You can become whatever you want to be!


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